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           In a world where spirits and humans coexist, Shaya, guardian of the unseen, keeps the safe balance between the living and it's spiritual entities. She once was Atma’s eternal lover, but as he passed away, she became the next Guardian. As she communes with herself at her beloved's tomb, Atma tries to reach out to her through her powers. He never met the spirit world, and has been oscillating between life and death ever since, where he couldn't find peace. He asks one last thing from her : recollect his fragments of memory he shared with his relatives...

           But, In order to offer him the chance to return among the living, Shaya will have to make dangerous decisions. Here begins her desperate quest for resurrection. Will she betray her vows as a guardian to be reunited with the one she loves ?

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  1. An original story line, that lets the player choose the outcome.
  2. Dungeons, testing your learning and solving abilities with your freshly learnt mantra.
  3. Several mantras, that once drawn, let you interact with the environment and fight your enemies.
  4. A colorful and high resolution pixel art with stunning animations.
  5. End the game with a boss fight, and use every mantras you learned during your journey !


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I had a splendid time playing Atma. I even dusted off my controller! Atma is beautiful, I really love the style and pixel art. The tiny details go a long way. I really enjoyed the mantra system, and their use in solving the puzzles. Unfortunately the game is really short - something I didn't realize. I got invested in the story and the world and then it abruptly ended! I still had a ton of fun, I just wish there was more. :)

This game is beautiful and gorgeous! The puzzles are simple but fun nonetheless and I love the concept of Urja. However, maybe it's just me but the 'speed' of the game seemed too slow. And I don't mean the overall pace. The character could have used a sprint/run ability early on in the game. 

Shaya walks too slow and exploring the village feels like a tedious task rather than a fun exploration quest. But the visuals do make up for it and the game does get better as I progress.
Overall , it's an amazing game and you guys could definitely make a paid product , had it been a little longer, a bit more challenging. (and if Shaya could run faster... but that's just me)

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Just played almost an hour of Atma and i can already say i am totally in love with the art design, absolutely beautiful. On-top of an interesting story that seems rather original, that Mantra system is a lot more fluid than i originally thought as well. Yes, a good amount of puzzles thus far are fairly easy but the scenery is so colorful and gorgeous, i really don't mind and maybe some people might like the simple puzzles, like newbies. All-in-All this game is pretty cool piece of art and definitely worth a try.

Much love to the Dev.

Hey! Just stopping by to leave a firsthand comment aside from featuring the game in my list. I wanted to commend you for the quality here and what you managed to cram into it. The drawing mechanic was way more fun than I expected it to be and I love how you implement it in combat with needing to link enemies to attack. If this is what you produce for a free game, I'd love to see what you can do with a big budget behind it. Great job and much success with any future projects!

Great game, wish it was longer, reminds me of India with the architecture and the flora and its colors.

I had seen this game on itch.io for a while but wasnt sure if I wanted to play it or not yet. I'm going into this with a blind eye and i hope that it fits what I think. Mostly because it loos super interesting.


***Mild spoilerage for a half-hour game, play it before reading as this comment is meant for the developers***

I loved the art and concepts. I think you have a great foundation, but I would build it out a little more. Specificaly,  the puzzles were too easy and I felt like I was playing a tutorial the entire time (which may have been your intention).  you could have used ecactly the same mechanics and recombined them to make a much more challenging experience. 

Also, I played through twice to make the oposite choices I made the first time. I loved the story and got a"Shadow of the Colosus" vibe from the hero making bad choices to save their loved one. That said, I think Yama was to similar to the Atma ending.

the first time I reached Atma/Yama, I did have a game breaking situation where the smaller floating heads would stop moving after I had destroyed 3/4 of them, and the fourth would just hang just outside of my Mantra box where I could not finish him. I think the last attack I landed on him pushed him out of the normal zone, but I am not sure. This happened on both of my play-throughs.

I sound pretty negative, but I genuinly think this could be expanded into a paid product, maybe with a couple new enemies and puzzles. If you're done with this project, please start on a new one as I can tell you are incredible and can't wait to see what else you do!!!

This so beautiful. I can´t believe it´s free, you deserve more .

love it

The style is absolutely gorgeous !!!!!


the visuals of this really remind me of hyper light drifter, i hope the gameplay is just as great lol

I really like the concept, but its really sad that this game doesn't have a mac release so I can play it on the go on my laptop. I love the aesthetic of the game, and the artstyle is amazing too.


I love the concept, I love the art style however:So far I've gotten to the temple and there is a glitch where one enemy can follow you to the next screen, if I can't link it to another I can't defeat them. Also: it doesn't seem I can use the fire from torches to defeat them either.  The lightning tutorial wasn't very clear I only noticed the prompt on the bottom of the screen to link enemies after I had figured that out from a video. I'm not looking for text in the middle of a battle especially when the enemies are fast.  The Mantra cursor is awfully sensitive and hard to control though I think that wouldn't be a problem if the whole screen were available for drawing. I found the walking speed frustrating and would like a run button and more environment interactions would be sweet(i.e. being able to make the trees shake with the wind etc) I don't want to give you the impression that I don't like the game I do, but these are things that took me out of the gorgeous experience you have otherwise created.

The aesthetic is so strong, it's hard to breathe. And the idea behid the fight system was also different from what which we usually see in games. If it were expanded upon in the future, we'd see a new indie classic for sure!

amazing game

Gave it a go...

This is a fantastic game with so much love and care shining through. Absolutly fantastic for a free game and the artstyle and design is amazing. I hope the developers are thinking about expanding the game further because there is so much potential for this game. A++ great job on the game

Hello devs, I am in love with your game and would love to help in any way of establishing a community! message me if interested.


I want to play it, but I'm using Linux  :,(


The game is amazing, BUT I want to talk about how good the design is as a whole. Atma means soul in Hindi, and many of the mantras look similar to Hindi letters.  Good game, even better if you understand it.

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It's wesome 😭. Just one thing happened to me when I was playing with the Atma's boss. I left three skulls on the ground and the fourth was left unturned and was too far to join with another. I could happily, with much difficulty, slowly push another one towards this one. I don't know if it was an error of the game or I just didn't find the way to do that correctly... 😅

Incredible game. 🙌 

This game looks so beautiful! Everything about this just takes my breath away. The calm music, the wonderful love story, all the different characters and those damn visuals... I could go on and on forever. You have really created something truly wonderful, keep up the good work!

How long have you been working on this game? :D

I don't know if you've heard of Game Development World Championship before (gdwc2019) but it's a competition for indie game developers where they can submit their games and it's free! It's great if you want some more visibility for the game and it only takes a couple of minutes to join :)

The game looks amazing! Good job on that part. The wind spell really didn't want to cast with a mouse though and glitched like mad. After the temple, I also managed to soft lock myself by standing in the interaction range of two npcs at once. When I talked to them, the game broke, and now I can't move.  Was a great experience, until the whole soft lock thing. 

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It looks really awesome 😱, I will play it and then give you my rating. But it's amazing your work, incredible!!!!!! 🙌 

Not bad I realy like the design of the game.

incredible stuff! The polish brought me in and the Mantra mechanic is really interesting and exciting.


Is there going to be a mac build?

Ran in to a few minor issues with loading and leaving certain areas resetting progress, but overall, still a damn good time! The combat clicked a bit more with me this time around, and that final fight was quite the spectacle! I'm exited to run a third episode to get the other ending! Keep up the great work!

Awesome game!

This game is so pretty! Gameplay is fun, my only complaint is that I can't run/sprint and it makes doing puzzles where you have to move around a bit (like toward the end of my video). I hope you enjoy the video! 

I thought this art style looked a little familiar and realized the game shares a dev with Aube! Really loving what's going on here so far save that the combat feels a little strange piggybacking off the puzzle mechanics, but I'm damn exited to see what's left! Keep up the great work!


Looks really good. Really love the visuals. Just Downloaded keep up the good work

wowie~ this looks so pretty! visually, it kinda reminds of hyper light drifter.


Looks incredible! Definitely looking forward to playing this one :)

best thing i've seen in a while